10 Types of Tapas You Should Definitely Try in Spain

10 Types of Tapas You Should Definitely Try in Spain

Tapas are the appetizers or snacks from the Spanish cuisine. If you are in Spain, tasting the delicious Spanish cuisine then these are the top 10 tapas you must try!

Croquetas :  This classic tapa is crispier on the outside and softer on the inside. They are made with thick bechamel and are served hot in the form of little bolsters. The flavours of chopped ham, cheese, eggs and breadcrumbs add to the uniqueness of the dish.

Patatas bravas :  This tapa is claimed to be invented by the Bar Thomas in the Sarria district of Barcelona. They are medium sized potato chunks spiked with chilli. You can choose variation in the dish by adding tomato and garlic or the garlicky aioli. It is the best choice if you are on a budget dinner.

Pulpo a la gallega :  This is an exclusive tapa of Galicia on the north-west coast of Spain. The dish can be summarized as yummy octopus with sweet paprika. This is one of those dishes best tasted in a restaurant as it is complicated to prepare at home. It is cooked in a large pot salt water for about 2-4 hours (depending on the size of the octopus). The tentacles of the octopus are cut into fine pieces and are served with a dressing of finely diced garlic, olive oil, and paprika.

Gambas al ajillo :  The tapa is packed with basic yet strong flavours. It is made using fresh prawns from the coasts of Spain. They are flavoured with olive oil, garlic and chilli peppers.

Montaditos :  These are one of its kind sandwich from Spain. You can choose the stuffing from various vegetarian combinations, meat or fish. They are toasted and served in small bites.

Tortilla espanola :  Another simple yet tasty sandwich which is stuffed with extensively flavoured potatoes. The potatoes are cooked along with lots of onions, beaten egg and olive oil.

Gazpacho :  It is a soup originating from the southern Spanish region. A wide range of vegetables including garlic, cucumber, peppers and onions and included to this cold soup. It is a treat to your taste buds especially if you are in spain during summer.

Cojonudos :  It comprises of fried quail egg over a slice of bread along with a slice of Spanish blood sausage. You can choose red spicy pepper along with it to add more delight to your taste buds.

Chorizo :  It is one of the oldest tapas relished in Spain. This famous pork sausage is lightly fried and stewed with different types of liquids as a tapa. The most loved variations are Chorizo with wine or cider.

Calamares a la romana :  This dish is yet another example for the simple and tasty Spanish tapas. Clean and fresh squid are marinated and deep fried with some light flavours. Do not miss your chance to try this unique squid tapa in Spain.

The next time you are in Spain do not miss a chance to try these wonderful delicacies from the rich Spanish cuisine!