From the best culinary experiences in Tuscany Italy to the best restaurants in malta and as far as the magical islands of Greece, mediterranean food is sought for its healthy benefits and the art of enjoying the product.     Some restaurants food is quite pricey but it taste very nice and delicious so once a while I won’t mind paying more to take pleasure in the food. Another reason people have started to embrace Spanish food is because the American food culture has been quite dull. If you adore great food, you might be wondering about the ideal restaurant out there. There are severalRead More →

Tapas are the appetizers or snacks from the Spanish cuisine. If you are in Spain, tasting the delicious Spanish cuisine then these are the top 10 tapas you must try! Croquetas :  This classic tapa is crispier on the outside and softer on the inside. They are made with thick bechamel and are served hot in the form of little bolsters. The flavours of chopped ham, cheese, eggs and breadcrumbs add to the uniqueness of the dish. Patatas bravas :  This tapa is claimed to be invented by the Bar Thomas in the Sarria district of Barcelona. They are medium sized potato chunks spiked withRead More →

If you’ve never had tapas before, they are a variety of Spanish appetisers and small bites. Some are served hot, some cold but they are all absolutely delicious.Place cheese, almonds, olives, and Minted Chutney-Roasted Peppers in separate small bowls.Fan ham in overlapping slices on a plate.Give guests small plates, or place all bowls on a single tray may be placed directly on tray, along with flatbread for peppers.Read More →